Making Sloppy Progress

Seeing the Forest for the Trees

this job can be overwhelming, break your problems down

I recently got the opportunity to join another team at my company working on strangling a large chunk of our monolithic application. I knew it was going to be a huge, scary project but I was excited for the opportunity to have a massive impact on my company. We started off with a week or so of meetings just trying to get our heads around the problem at hand. The discussions were fun and lively. Occasionally good natured arguments would break out, or we would hammer on a single point on and on ad nauseum. When the meetings were over I was exhausted but still looking forward to starting the work.

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Active Learning

becomming a better programmer when osmosis is not enough

Programming did not come naturally to me. In high-school I hung on to the kid nearest to me who seemed to have a good idea of what he was doing and copied his work. I knew I wanted to program (I wanted to make games) - I enjoyed the idea of it - but I didn’t understand what it took to get good at it.

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Reinvent the Wheel (Sometimes)

becoming a better programmer by doing what's already done

I remember being taught in school to avoid “reinventing the wheel”. While in a professional development I agree with that - I think that on your own time, on your own projects, you should strongly consider working from scratch.

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Using Log4j2 in Spring Boot

I recently had the (dis)pleasure of trying to use log4j2 in Spring Boot. The documentation I came across seemed to often be wrong / outdated so I figured I’d document it here in-case anyone else is looking to solve this problem.

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Reformatted the Blog Today

w3c is pretty awesome!

I recreated my blog today using W3C’s super-cool template. Props to those guys over there for putting something together so clean and easy to use. I just grabbed their template as it is, cracked it open in vscode and made some modifications to pull from my blog server.

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I'm a father of three and a software engineer for both hobby and trade. I enjoy tabletop role-playing and board games - especially of the heavily social variety! I also occasionally participate in game jams with friends.

I'm particularly interested in self-improvement in all of those things. I enjoy progressing through a new skill and learning ways of maximizing my time and focus.

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