Making Sloppy Progress

A Minimal Blog

Keeping things simple

It’s been a little while since I’ve worked on my blog, but an idea that I’ve been kicking around is really stripping it down to the bare parts. The idea being that a blog is, and should be, a simple thing. Before, the blog was composed of two parts, the backend written in Go, and the frontend - a react app.

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Deep Work and Atomic Habits

enjoying some self-help

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of reading two really good self-help books - “Deep Work” by Cal Newport and “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. I enjoyed both books and thought this might be a good place to write down what kind of changes I’d like to implement thanks to each of them.

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A New Side Project

recreating sidereal confluence using ddd

I recently picked up an old classic by Eric Evans called Domain-Driven Design. I’m moving pretty slowly through the book doing my best to let it soak in. My process so far has been to highlight points of interest and take some notes in the margins. Then, at the end of the chapter, I try to summarize what I’ve learned. I really don’t want to get through this book and only have vague ideas of what was talked about.

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Comments Are Live!

we can talk now, kinda

I finished implementing comments on my blog today. I keep finding phrases to talk it down - “no big deal”, “small potatoes”, “going to add more”. I’m going to avoid using those words and just say, it feels good to get something out there. It just feels nice to set a goal and deliver on it.

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Anxiety and Deployments

wrestling with a fear of failure

Hello, Anxiety, my old friend. Another deployment night has come, and the stress that comes with it. I’ve been through a hundred (or more) of these in my career now and they still terrify me. I can’t be alone in this, can I? You work so hard, you write test cases, you execute load tests and you talk through worst case scenarios.. and yet when it comes time to press the “go” button, something deep inside me screams “No!”.

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I'm a father of three and a software engineer for both hobby and trade. I enjoy tabletop role-playing and board games - especially of the heavily social variety! I also occasionally participate in game jams with friends.

I'm particularly interested in self-improvement in all of those things. I enjoy progressing through a new skill and learning ways of maximizing my time and focus.

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